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    Imports from Morocco

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    Unprocessed noble products

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    100% natural cosmetics

Sultana Zoumourrouda's 7 secrets

The time had come for the young Sultan to choose a woman who could fill his life with sweetness and happiness, but among the thousand and one princely beauties that had come before him, none had succeeded to win his heart.

One day,  crossing the small streets of Essaouira, disguised as a mendicant, with his heart heavier than the Atlas mountains, he met a young beauty. She sure seemed to have all requirements:

Her figure was soft and slender, her feet so light that they hardly touched the ground, as a gazelle, her magnificent black eyes illuminated the night, and beat the daylight and the soft and slightly hard splendor of the sun, and their satin like and healthy look would have conquered the saddest of poets; her brilliant hair was waving and flowing  like the falls of Niagara.

And then her perfume smelled like jasmin growing in Eden,  even the the most flavored flowers  faded in comparison!

Having begged to be invited in by the beautiful girl with her cheeks the color of roses, the young Sultan was impressed in the first place by the incense that rekindled joy hope and dream deep in his languishing soul. And then it was the most refined dish that enchanted the young Sultan.

Not being able to wait any longer, he knelt down and asked her for the secret of so much beauty. The beautiful girl smiled in a mysterious way and showed two rows of rare pearls; the Sultan then implored her to tell him a beautiful love story. The beautiful girl, suspecting something, started to feel a tender feeling for the gentle beggar, took his hands in her tender and soft hands and said to him:

"I am going to tell you an enigma instead. If you understand its meaning I will reveal you my seven secrets!";

"I agree", the young Sultan, who was already almost in love.

"Well, one day a prince knocked at the door of his beloved, a voice coming from inside him asked: who's there? He answered: it's me! And the voice said: go back where you came from, there is no place for you and me in this abode! He went away and lost himself in the desert for forty years, then he came back to knock on the door of the woman he had not forgotten; the voice inside him said: who's there? He answered: it's you! And the voice said: now you may come in!"

The Sultan, after thinking for a while yelled:

"I found what it is: the beloved, in love, is subdued and does not stop to burn with love for his beloved!"

"Right!" said the beautiful girl, a little astonished, and rather embarrassed; but the young Sultan put an end to her discomfort by revealing his identity and said to her: "The beauty of your body excels everything except the splendor of your heart and the excellence of your mind!"

"May I know your name, beautiful woman, if you want to become my Sultanas?"

"Zomourrouda! (emerald)"

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Respect for Man, Nature, its balance and your skin

We sell unprocessed noble products like argan oil (cosmetics and food) and organic Prickly pear, typically Moroccan bath products (soap, ...) and design cosmetic lines, body, face and hair, 100% natural for women and men. These consist primarily of organic ingredients and primarily present in Morocco or / and North Africa.