Our philosophy

Beauty and Well-being but not at all cost!

It's real happiness to be able to help a whole village of women to express their personality by exporting their beauty secrets typical of the Essaouira region in Morocco.

We want to hand down their beauty secrets to future generations by exporting their products in order to keep the environment green and to have a healthy body. It's also a new way to please oneself.

We have managed to develop a stable commercial relationship, with our little cooperative and we contribute in this way to the development of a region.

Our philosophy can thus be described this way:

Respect of Man, Nature and its balance

We share with you all the know how of our ancestors as well as the Sultana's secrets.

We commercialize mainly Morocco's liquid gold, generally called ARGAN OIL.

Our producers select with maximum care almond trees in order to extract first quality oil, that derives from first cold pressing and it is extra virgin.

It is poured right away after extraction in inox barrels to avoid oxydation.

Edible oil is then poured in colored bottles for supermarkets. It is essential to protect it from daylight in order to keep its properties intact!

Cosmetic oil is poured in bottles made by expert Moroccan artisans that confer it a unique hue.

Virgin Argan is not only a commercial objective, it also helps a social cause in three ways:

  • Social objective: Virgin Argan activity is a concrete action to fight poverty, with a dimension that promotes rural women status through the reinforcement of her financial power.
  • Economic objective: our firm is state of art in terms of quality of products, for its good practices, for its production processes and its work environment. And this means that our oil will be the best on the market for quality/price ratio. We engage ourselves to guarantee high competitivity of our products with respect to similar products on the market.
  • Environmental Objective: we adopt a sustainable development policy based on the protection of Argan plants through the exploitation of its typical land products.